Brigthin Star Reviews for 50mm F0.95, 55mm F1.8 and 23mm F5.6

Looks like Brigthtin Star is the rebranded version of the Mitakon lenses. You can find these lenses on Amazon USAmazon DEAmazon UK.

SonyAlphaBlog published a detailed review for three of the  Brigthin Star lenses. Check it out!

Brightin Star 50mm F0.95:

The Brightin Star 50mm F0.95 (389$) is a typical F0.95 lens the provide super smooth bokeh, decent sharpness wide open and excellent as of F4 with a very good color, rendition and very good build quality
The Brightin Star provides very poetic and nice pictures for portraits or for object details with lot of background blur
The key difference with the other F0.95 lenses is the price: it is 2 times cheaper that other F0.95 while providing very similar performance !
The lens has some weaknesses : not circular bokeh balls with aperture closed down , more vignetting and situation than competition and lower resistance to flare
But for 389$ it is a bargain

Brightin Star 55mm F1.8:

The Brightin Star 55mm F1.8 (116$) provide globally very good portraits with very good bokeh balls, good background blur, very good color rendition. Sharpness could be a bit better wide open but for 116$ is does as good as the Sony 50mm F1.8 while having a better rendering for portraits

Brigthin Star 23mm F5.6:

The Brightin Star 23mm f5.6 (100$) is a very nice , light and compact pancake lens. Sharpness is very good to excellent on most of the fields but with only average corners. The color Rendition is very good
The main drawback is the bad resistance to flare , the average corners , the slow aperture of F5.6 (if you like small depth of field effect) and of course no AF

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