Sony FX3 Firmware 2.00 Released

Sony FX3 firmware 2.00 released.

Precautions when updating from Ver.1.01 or earlier

  • After updating to this version, the camera settings will be reset to the default values.
    Note: Since this update adds functions and makes major specification changes, the camera settings will be initialized as part of the update process. It is recommended that you make note of all the camera settings before proceeding. Even if you have saved the settings using the various save features available (such as Save/Load Settings and Save/Load FTP Settings) the settings before Ver.1.01 cannot be read by the camera after the upgrade to Ver.2.00.
  • With the addition of the log shooting mode, the picture profiles were reviewed and the gamma setting S-Log2 is no longer included. After the update, you will need to use the gamma setting S-Log3.
  • You will be able to connect to the Imaging Edge Mobile app more easily. After pairing the app with the camera, you can transfer images and shoot remotely just by operating the app. Refer to Pairing the camera with a smartphone (Smartphone Regist.) in the Help Guide for detail. Along with this, the NFC one-touch connection function used up to Ver.1.01 of the camera will no longer be available.
    Note: You will also need to update the Imaging Edge Mobile app to Ver.7.7 or later, and register as a new camera after the update.

Benefits and Improvements

  • Adds log shooting mode, which allows you to shoot while displaying the monitor image with your favorite LUT (Look-Up Table).
    Note: Please use the latest version of Catalyst Browse or Catalyst Prepare to apply the LUT used for monitoring during shooting to the video during editing.

    • Cine EI: A shooting mode that allows you to shoot with two Base ISO settings that can express clear images with the maximum dynamic range and suppressed noise.
    • Cine EI Quick: A shooting mode in which movies are recorded using a Base ISO, as is the case with the Cine EI mode, but the Base ISO switches automatically according to the adjusted EI value.
    • Flexible ISO: A shooting mode that allows you to record S-Log material by adjusting the exposure settings including ISO sensitivity according to the shooting scene.
  • Adds the main menu, which allows you to access quickly the items you need.
  • Changes layout for a movie, which is information and icons overlapped pictures on the movie standby screen.
  • Allows you to display a function menu by swiping upward on the monitor on the shooting standby screen.
  • Allows Timecode input with the multi/micro USB terminal. You can set the timecode with the source equipment.
    Note: You will need a dedicated adapter cable, which is sold separately, to connect to the timecode source equipment.
  • Adds the Monitor Flip Direction feature which can select reversed display of image and menu screens depending on how the monitor is opened and oriented.
  • Improves the operational stability of the camera.

You can download a copy from here.

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