8K Shootout : Canon EOS R5 vs Sony A1 Comparison

Here is a 8K shootout comparison of the Canon EOS R5 vs Sony A1. With the newly announced Sony Alpha 1 featuring 8K video recording, LensProToGo thought it would only be right to test it out against the Canon EOS R5’s 8K video.

As you know the Canon EOS R5 and the Sony a1 are two of the best 8K mirrorless cameras on the market.

Coming from LensProToGo, the 8K Shootout  review of Sony Alpha 1 vs Canon EOS R5; comparison of a $6,500 camera to a $3,900 camera. Continue reading “8K Shootout : Canon EOS R5 vs Sony A1 Comparison”

Sony A1 vs Canon EOS R5 8K Video Comparison

Both Sony a1 and Canon EOS R5 is capable of recording DCI 8K 30 fps raw video internally as well as 4K video up to 120 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit. Here is an excellent video review of 8K video comparison between the Sony a1 vs Canon EOS R5 cameras.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup published a video review covering the 8K video performance of the $6,500 full-frame 50MP 30 frames per second (FPS) Sony a1 vs the $4,500 45MP 20 FPS Canon EOS R5. Continue reading “Sony A1 vs Canon EOS R5 8K Video Comparison”