Full List of Rumored Sony Cameras and Lenses

Here are the full list of rumored Sony cameras and lenses. We shared with you the upcoming Sony cameras for the year 2022. In this up-to-date list, you’ll find the full list of Sony mirrorless cameras and E-mount lenses expected to be announced for the rest of the year.

The good news is that we seem to have confirmed that high-end cameras such as Sony A9 III and A7RV, which we have been talking about since the beginning of the year, and two important lenses such as FE 85mm F1.2 GM and FE 100mm F1.4 GM will be announced in 2022.

Here is a full list of rumored Sony cameras and lenses: Continue reading “Full List of Rumored Sony Cameras and Lenses”

Upcoming Sony Cameras of 2022

Here are the upcoming Sony Cameras of 2022 according to Tony Northup.

A new video published on Youtube by Tony Northup and he discussed Sony A1000, Sony A7R V, Sony A9 III, Sony A5, and Sony A3. Check it out !

Sony A1000

  • APS-C 33 MP
  • 30 FPS E-Shutter Only
  • A1 Body + Tilt Screen
  • 4k / 120 Cropped
  • 2X CFX-A / SD
  • $3000

Sony A7R V

  • FF 60MP Sensor
  • 10/20 FPS
  • New Menus
  • Flippy Screen
  • 8K/30 + 4K/120
  • $3,999

 Sony A9 III

  • FF 24 MP Sensor
  • 30 + FPS
  • New Menus
  • TILT Screen
  • 4l/60p
  • $4999

Sony A5

  • FF 24 MP
  • 5 FPS
  • Flippy Screen
  • 4K/30p Cropped
  • 1XSD Card Slot
  • $1,200

Sony A3

  • FF 12MP E-Mount
  • 5 FPS
  •  Flippy Screen
  • 4K/60 Full – WIdth
  • Internal Memory
  • GPS / Cellular
  • $999

Full Video About Upcoming Sony Cameras of 2022

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