AstrHori 28mm f/13 2X Micro Probe Lens for Sony E-mount

AstrHori 28mm f/13 2X Micro Probe Lens is now officially announced and available for pre-order. Similar to the Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe$739 AstrHori 28mm F13 2:1 Macro probe lens available for Sony E-mount cameras.

AstrHori 28mm f/13 2X Micro Probe Lens Features

  • 2x Magnification: The Unique macro probe lens design offers a greater-sized 2:1 maximum magnification along with a minimum focusing distance of 0.48m. The long probe lens barrel can produce a bug-eye perspective and, even with the short working distance, the length of the lens barrel places the camera at a comfortable shooting distance.
  • Wide-angle of View:The 75°Wide-angle of view, together with a 28mm focal length affords greater depth of field and more surrounding detail than traditional macro lenses.
  • Waterproof Design: The front of the lens is waterproof, allowing you to comfortably work just under the water surface or in dusty environments. (the front of the lens waterproof working length is 25cm)
  • Slim Front Diameter: The slim front diameter allows for “slide-in” shots and affords a greater range of close-up shooting. The smaller front diameter is equipped with a built-in LED ring that also makes it easier to illuminate close-up subjects from the front. The LED can be powered by the USB port on the lens barrel.
  • User-friendly Design: The lens is detachable and consists of two parts for easy storage and portability. The main body part can be used independently, and the aperture ring and focus ring feature a cine focus gear for easy match to the cine focusing devices.

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