New Wishlist for a7C II a7R V a6900 RX1R III RX10V RX100VIII

Jason Vong published his wishlist in a recent Youtube video. New wishlisht consists of Sony Cameras that he wants to be UPDATED. These Sony cameras are the a7C II, a7R V, a6900, RX1R III, RX10 V, RX100V III.

For Sony, the prospects for 2022 look bright in terms of both new cameras and lenses. Some Sony cameras and lenses, which can be considered important in the last leaked list, are expected to be announced in 2022. Frankly, the only model I don’t have hope for in this wish list will be the new RX1R III. Sony A7RV, on the other hand, is expected to be announced already in the second half of 2022.

Check out the Jason Vong wishlist for a7C II a7R V a6900 RX1R III RX10V RX100VIII !

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    • I would probably go ahead and get the IV. I’ve had it for several years and love it. I have been anticipating a newer model for over two years, but it hasn’t happened. From what I’m seeing, there may never be an update. This is very sad because this is such a great all-around camera.

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