Sony RX10 V to be Announced in Late 2022

The latest rumor suggests Sony will announce a new Sony RX10 V high-power zoom camera with a fixed lens in late 2022 or earlier.

Sony RX10 V rumored specs

  • AI / computational technology will be installed in Sony cameras for the first time.
  • Improved design and ergonomics.
  • Removal of the flash
  • Incorporation of the a6600 battery (NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion)
  • The lens is the same as the Sony RX10 IV (ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* f/2.4-4 Zoom Lens)
  • This camera will feature blackout free EVF bursts up to 24FPS.

The current Sony RX10 IV is a bridge camera (a non-compact camera with a fixed lens), it is a very easy-to-use camera with the stacked CMOS sensor, image plane phase detection AF and α series AF performance. I think that many people expect the completed “RX10 V” equipped with the latest AF algorithm and system.

This info is NOT confirmed by trusted sources, so just take it with a grain of salt!


  1. Dear Sony Management,
    Loved my m4 but gave it to my son. Please release the rx10m5 soon so that I may purchase it.
    Taught my son photography & now he only uses your brand when shooting rock concerts – he is managing 2 cover bands presently.
    Respectfully Yours,
    Jerry Lebowitz, Beechhurst, NY

  2. Eliminating the flash is a deal-breaker. Fill-in flash is a necessary technique used by photographers for decades. A big draw for bridge csmeras is not needing to carry a camera back with bunch of extra crap like lenses and flash units. Even $100 cameras have flashes.

  3. Please make it less plasticky
    The base plate is as durable as cheese and the tripod scree mount can rip a hole in base (as Lego is made better)
    This is a known fault
    We trust you will put a metal base plate in if you expect to charge pro price

  4. 1. How about a functional memory recall for settings with push of a single button?
    2. And better macro?
    3. Keep the flash, please!

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